The Bloodstone Lands

Triumph for the Talons

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons of the Raven entered the great city of Procampur as conquering heroes, and stayed as unwelcome targets…

Played by: JSW, GG
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr Kahle, Bjorn Bellringer, Proximo

Accompanied by a hundred of the Diamond Legion and dozens of Boccob priests and acolytes, the Talons entered the city of Procampur in literal triumph. Heralded all the way, the group paraded in through the Port District and up the Great Way all the way to the gates of the Castle District. Telinor made pains to stay incognito in the crowd watching, while the Talons rode in to acclaim and admiration,. The star of, and indeed the reason for this procession, was the weird magical construct dubbed Hulker. Under a measure of control by Bjorn, the golem’s unexpected stops , starts, and turns were successfully played off as nods to the fascinated crowds, and Bjorn exerted his full effort to control the automation with his magical ring. Apparently unnoticed by the crowd was the plain covered wagon near the front of the procession which carried Alkarg, the Elf-Slayer, and unwelcome burden to the Talons for many moons.

Chuck noticed a large group of mostly youthful men and women gathered outside the Nobles District giving he and the other Talons a cold stare. They all seemed to be wearing purple-colored breeches and pants, and their mirthless attitude stood out on this triumphant occasion. Telinor, blending with the crowd, overheard two of them whisper bad intentions toward the Talons.

The parade ended with citywide fanfare and acclaim for the Talons, led by the rulers of Procampur and in the presence of their guests the rulers of Ravens Bluff. Hulker and the plain wagon were taken behind the walls of the temple district and the crowd dispersed. The Talons watched these magical items enter the temple of Boccob, and Bjorn and Ahr-Kale stayed there to make sure the items were secured as agreed.

Chuck and Proximo learned from Arvin Kathos and Chiapa that the Talons were invited to a feast that evening in their honor at the royal palace. Arrangements were made to have their special invitations (and fine clean clothing) delivered to their rooms.

Chuck went back to his room at the Silent Sword Inn, when he was accosted by five purple-panted ruffians who demanded he and the Talons leave Procampur immediately, accenting their demands by throwing Chuck’s special invitation on the floor and grinding it with his boot heel. Though the words “Fuck yo invite, nigga!” were not actually spoken, surely Chuck heard that in his head all the same.

A battle commenced, and in a few short rounds Chuck had dispatched the entire group single-handedly. Telinor, trailing behind Chuck on the way back to the Inn, had entered and lain in wait for extra attackers or more unwelcome surprises, though none arose. Four attackers escaped or were set free by Chuck after defeat, and a badly-wounded and dying combatant was left in the care of the innkeeper. Information gathered during a brief interrogation of the leader Razov informed that this group were members of a local adventuring company called the Purple Fist. They claimed to be 40-strong, and considered the Talons a threat to their work locally as an adventuring company. Proximo knows the Purple Fist to be mostly the sons and daughters of the nobility of Procampur, more famous than accomplished.

Fine clean travelling clothes, and special invitations, lay in hand….



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