The Bloodstone Lands

Boulder Dash*

One Sentence Summary: When the Talons blaze a trail to Impiltur through the foreboding Earthfast Mountains, they face down on a damaged bridge and the savage hill giants who guard it.

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Telinor, Chuck, Malik, Ricen, Granger, Kamar, Edgar

While clearing out the dangers of the ravine, Kamar used multiple castings of his stone shape spell to repair the bridge the length of its 60 foot break, at 4 inches thick and 4-feet wide

This difficult ravine held most of a promising bridge, and a clan of savage hill giants and ogres.

The hill giants were brutally strong, but no match for the Talons of the Raven.

This berserk surprise lurked behind the boulder that lead to the giants’ treasure room.

This juvenile cave bear, a broken captive of the giants, was befriended by Kamar

  • Adapted from the module ‘Boulder Dash’, by Andy Miller, cart. by Stephen Daniele, printed in Dungeon Magazine #70 (1998).



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