Calaunt is both an interesting and forbidding place. Always awash in intrigue and rumors, it is frequently the scene of screams and the clash of steel in the streets after dark, and huddled bodies on the cobbles in the morning.

Located in the northern stretch of The Vast, the large, independent city of Calaunt is dominated by the wide delta of the River Vesper, which flows through the center of the city to empty into the Dragon Reach. The mud of the fertile delta gives off a foul reek, which seems to match what you see of the city. Calaunt is a nondescript cluster of gray stone buildings, jammed together without parks or trees to break their gloom. The city’s cobbled streets are largely littered with refuse and the stink of the dockside tanneries and the harborwater they pollute hangs over the city.

While the buildings along the city’s outer wall show some prosperity, the center and west (docks) of the city are mainly slums. You imagine this is probably the most squalid city of the Dragon Reach. You now know why Ravenarrs consider Calaunt a fey refuge for the lawless.

The city houses a standing army called “The Teeth of Calaunt”. Though it is not per se illegal to be a mage or cast a spell in Calaunt, the laws against practicing magic are very strict. You have been warned to keep any magical abilities you have as quiet as possible or risk arrest and worse at the hands of the soldiers and mages employed by the city.

  • Calaunt is the site of The House of Scarlet Hooks, a large and open temple of Loviatar.
  • Calaunt taxes wealth brought into the city. The well-armed Teeth patrol outside the city walls and check all incoming and outgoing merchants’ wagons, conduct VERY thorough cargo inspections in the harbor , and keep the peace in the streets. Uniformed, heavily-armored soldiers are everywhere in Calaunt, seldom in groups of less than a dozen, and will challenge anyone who looks suspicious.
  • Calaunt is the home of the Rattlesnake Inn, site of the adventure A Wrastle with Bertrum.



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