The Bloodstone Lands

Lyrabar, Capital of Impiltur

One Sentence Summary: After difficult passage through the Earthfast Mountains, the Talons descend into Impiltur and Lyrabar, its shining capital city, to rest and meet their contact.

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Chuck, Telinor, Kamar, Malik, Granger, Ricen, and Edgar

  • Edgar recommends the Hidden Bounty Inn as a good place to stay. You are able to occupy multiple rooms (up to 4), and you have room to stow your chests and belongings for the time being. The bear, however, may be an issue. It not only attracts attention wherever it goes, it cannot be kept in the stable with the horses and pack animals (they are afraid of it and complain loudly). The bear, while very friendly toward Kamar and at worst ambivalent toward the rest of the Talons, is still very much a wild animal.
  • There is a lovely, well-maintained shrine to Selune in the city
  • Edgar helps reconnect you with Caladur, the emmissary from impiltur who you met in Procampur leading up to this journey. Caladur appears glad that you have arrived, and says he will arrange an audience between you and at least one member of the Lords of Imphras. Maybe more. Perhaps even Queen Sambryl herself will meet you. He will let you know within a day or two.
  • Treasure – Telinor and Kamar appraise all items and the values given below are their opinions. Any Identify spells cast require a 100 g.p. pearl and a d20 roll. If you need to buy some, you can buy as many as you like in Lyrabar.

TREASURE (Feast & Fight – Tel & Chuck only):
(1) 2 trunks with precious metal bars and ore, worth 1,000 g.p. total; 6 very high-quality cut deep-green spinels (250 g.p./each);
(2) several recovered pages from Niemallion’s destroyed spellbook that comprise_ water breathing_ (3rd), remove curse (4th); and teleport (5th);
(3) intact lab containers of a variety of spell components, including rare ones; (400-1,000 g.p.?)
(4) Main-gauche of Count Felipe Mercado;
(5) six interesting-looking books from the office/library of Niemallion Bryn

  • Ten Greatest Warlords in History;
  • Great Wyrms of the Empyrean Age;
  • The Sentience of Narfellian Weaponry;
  • Journal of Niemallion (Volume XVIII)
  • The Men, Mystics and Mages of Narfell
  • The Great Weapons of the Age

To the right buyer (a sage with interests in these areas), each book (except the journal) would probably value b/w 50-150 g.p. – alot for nonmagical books.

TREASURE (Honor Lost, Regained – whole party + Edgar)
Karinza’s treasure hoard: large wooded chest (no trap or lock) with
(1) velvet bag with 680 cp, 407 sp, 278 gp);
(2) vial of thick brown liquid (detected as magic)
(3) vial of clear, syrupy liquid (detected as magic)
(4) 10 pieces of small-sized, nonprecious jewelry (worth 10 g.p. per piece);
(5) small felt bag with 5 gems: 1 golden yellow topaz (500 g.p.); 3 deep blue spinels (smallish) (250 g.p. each); 1 smoky quartz (50 g.p.);
(6) quill, 4 sheets of good paper, and a vial of good ink (12 g.p. for lot)
(7) Spellbook: ’Karinza’s Reader’ a small black leather volume, its pages are made from the dried, stretched skins of the drider’s victims: (0) arcane mark, detect magic, endure elements, mending (1st) hold portal, obscuring mist_, read magic_, shield (2nd) web; (3rd) clairvoyance
(8) silver band with feather pattern all around its edge (detected as magic)

On Karinza’s foul body:
(9) scroll: polymorph (7th level of ability); minor globe of invulunerability (7th level ability)
(10) wicked-looking short sword of elven make; (detected as magic)
(11) 12 wicked-looking arrows of elven make (detected as magic)
(12) Composite Long Bow (sells for100 g.p.)

TREASURE: (Boulder Dash (whole party + Edgar)

  • unicorn statue of rose quartz, worth 1,000 g.p., 20" tall, 10 lbs.
  • complete pieces of enchanted plate mail, a professional armorer can put back together in 5 days, and can fit for size, for 200 g.p. (detected as magic)
  • dwarven gold comb in a dwarven scalp – Ricen recognizes it as the comb of a clan-fellow who disappeared awhile ago, worth 30 g.p.
  • pottery urn adorned with patterns of gold and silver (2’ tall, weighs 50 g.p. empty)(worth 350 g.p.)
  • 10 g.p. scattered on floor
  • ornate, large, brass key of dwarven make (? value)
  • adolescent cave bear
  • 3 chests, wooden with iron hinges and built-in locks, 2×2×1, 50 lbs. each when empty; Chest #1 has trap of a liquid vial, disarmed with key; Chest #2 has poison needle trap, also disarmed with key; Chest #3 has crushing apparatus trap in interior, gas vial was undetectable from outside and crushed
  • In chests were 4,625 c.p., 3,878 g.p., 4 metallic reddish leaf-shaped plates (hard as metal, shiny light gray on one side, red on other side, uniform) (?? worth – 75 for set?); and a golden, gem-inlaid chalice worth 250 gp.
Boulder Dash*

One Sentence Summary: When the Talons blaze a trail to Impiltur through the foreboding Earthfast Mountains, they face down on a damaged bridge and the savage hill giants who guard it.

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Telinor, Chuck, Malik, Ricen, Granger, Kamar, Edgar

While clearing out the dangers of the ravine, Kamar used multiple castings of his stone shape spell to repair the bridge the length of its 60 foot break, at 4 inches thick and 4-feet wide

This difficult ravine held most of a promising bridge, and a clan of savage hill giants and ogres.

The hill giants were brutally strong, but no match for the Talons of the Raven.

This berserk surprise lurked behind the boulder that lead to the giants’ treasure room.

This juvenile cave bear, a broken captive of the giants, was befriended by Kamar

  • Adapted from the module ‘Boulder Dash’, by Andy Miller, cart. by Stephen Daniele, printed in Dungeon Magazine #70 (1998).
Honor Lost, Honor Regained

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the travelling Talons, flush with new recruits, helped a disgraced warrior regain honor in the face of terrifying giant spiders and their monstrous mistress.

Played by: JSW, GG, BW
PCs: Telinor, [Druid/Bard], [Monk], Chuck, [Cleric], [Ranger], Edgar

Giant spiders lurked throughout the cave, ready to pounce!

This vile monster preyed on a small halfling village in the foothills of the Earthfast Mountains between The Vast and Impiltur.

A Feast and a Fight

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons were guests of honor at a royal Procampurian feast one week, and saving young maidens the next from a boorish suitor and a demonic visitor….

Played by: JSW, GG
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr-Kale, Proximo, Bjorn

  • A feast was held in the honor of the Talons of the Raven at the Palace of the Thurtyl in Procampur. The fare was Carrot, Mushroom and Onion Soup, Honey Bread, Salted Salmon, Soft Mushroom Cheese, Halfling Hazlenut Ale, and Sliced Peaches.
  • The following dignitaries attended the feast: The Thurtyl of Procampur, Rendath of the Royal Blood (early 30’s, copper-hued hair), His consort, The Hamyarch Alamondh, (60’s, gray hair, beard), the High Priest of the Hall of Mysteries Revealed, Undil Latheen, Torstan Ulzimmer, fleet owner, his consort, Hecatron, General of the Diamond Fist, Ellovar Vandaruk, noble. From Ravens Bluff came Lord Mayor Charles O’Kane, Guard General Chiapa, Silverlocke , Knight of the Mystic Flame , Arvin Kathos, chief diplomat. Also joining the Talons were
    Caladur, Impilturian diplomat, and Alaren, Impilturian squire, assistant to Caladur.
  • Following the feast, the Talons received an audience from The Thurtyl Rendath and the Lord Mayor, who told them that they had struck an agreement in principal to form an alliance of the city-states on the Vast to form a new federation to be known as ‘New Empyrea’. The Thurtyl offered the Talons an adventuring charter for Procampur, and the two leaders further offered an adventuring charter from the new still-to-be-formed federation of New Empyrea. The two leaders requested that that Talons accept the charters and, as a first service to the fledgling federation, to accompany Caladur and Alaren back to Impiltur to learn about that land, offer assistance to their leaders, and generally spread goodwill about New Empyrea and the Vast to the leaders and peoples there.
  • The Talons accepted this mission, and spent a few weeks in Procampur recreating Telinor’s spellbook, training their new skills, buying equipment, and recruiting new members to the Talons. Telinor also was able to review Ahr-Kahle’s black and white book regarding the spell_ find familiar_.
  • During this break from adventuring Chuck and Telinor went for a walk in the countryside to get fresh air when they were challenged on the road by Count Felipe Mercado while passing the villa of Niemallon Brinnoia and the Lady Elysia.
  • After a memorable fight with the Count, who cut off Chuck’s trousers with his rapier when his insults failed to goad Chuck to battle, the two were approached by Lady Elysia who told them her elderly father Niemalliion had passed away about 3 weeks ago, but before he died had enspelled the Count to chase away all her suitors.
  • Lady Elysia had a further problem of something loud, unexpected, and unknown being in her basement, which also had served as her father’s laboratory. With no talent for or interest in her father’s magical experiments, she asked the two to check out the basement and make it safe in return for anything of value they find down there.
  • Telinor and Chuck took her offer, and uncovered a trapped demon who tried to pose as a harmless lab assistant to gain his freedom. Its ruse unsuccessful, it tried to fight past the pair to no avail, and Chuck slew it handily.

Count Felipe Mercado’s insults were as sharp as his rapier

This demon was trapped in the basement, unknown to the Lady Elisia

Triumph for the Talons

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons of the Raven entered the great city of Procampur as conquering heroes, and stayed as unwelcome targets…

Played by: JSW, GG
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr Kahle, Bjorn Bellringer, Proximo

Accompanied by a hundred of the Diamond Legion and dozens of Boccob priests and acolytes, the Talons entered the city of Procampur in literal triumph. Heralded all the way, the group paraded in through the Port District and up the Great Way all the way to the gates of the Castle District. Telinor made pains to stay incognito in the crowd watching, while the Talons rode in to acclaim and admiration,. The star of, and indeed the reason for this procession, was the weird magical construct dubbed Hulker. Under a measure of control by Bjorn, the golem’s unexpected stops , starts, and turns were successfully played off as nods to the fascinated crowds, and Bjorn exerted his full effort to control the automation with his magical ring. Apparently unnoticed by the crowd was the plain covered wagon near the front of the procession which carried Alkarg, the Elf-Slayer, and unwelcome burden to the Talons for many moons.

Chuck noticed a large group of mostly youthful men and women gathered outside the Nobles District giving he and the other Talons a cold stare. They all seemed to be wearing purple-colored breeches and pants, and their mirthless attitude stood out on this triumphant occasion. Telinor, blending with the crowd, overheard two of them whisper bad intentions toward the Talons.

The parade ended with citywide fanfare and acclaim for the Talons, led by the rulers of Procampur and in the presence of their guests the rulers of Ravens Bluff. Hulker and the plain wagon were taken behind the walls of the temple district and the crowd dispersed. The Talons watched these magical items enter the temple of Boccob, and Bjorn and Ahr-Kale stayed there to make sure the items were secured as agreed.

Chuck and Proximo learned from Arvin Kathos and Chiapa that the Talons were invited to a feast that evening in their honor at the royal palace. Arrangements were made to have their special invitations (and fine clean clothing) delivered to their rooms.

Chuck went back to his room at the Silent Sword Inn, when he was accosted by five purple-panted ruffians who demanded he and the Talons leave Procampur immediately, accenting their demands by throwing Chuck’s special invitation on the floor and grinding it with his boot heel. Though the words “Fuck yo invite, nigga!” were not actually spoken, surely Chuck heard that in his head all the same.

A battle commenced, and in a few short rounds Chuck had dispatched the entire group single-handedly. Telinor, trailing behind Chuck on the way back to the Inn, had entered and lain in wait for extra attackers or more unwelcome surprises, though none arose. Four attackers escaped or were set free by Chuck after defeat, and a badly-wounded and dying combatant was left in the care of the innkeeper. Information gathered during a brief interrogation of the leader Razov informed that this group were members of a local adventuring company called the Purple Fist. They claimed to be 40-strong, and considered the Talons a threat to their work locally as an adventuring company. Proximo knows the Purple Fist to be mostly the sons and daughters of the nobility of Procampur, more famous than accomplished.

Fine clean travelling clothes, and special invitations, lay in hand….

The Next Beginning

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons emerged from the depths of The Vast, split the party to return to civilization, raised a founder from the dead, and grappled with unexpected fame….

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr Kahle, Proximo, Bjorn Bellringer, Shelka

After the trials and tribulations of the adventures in and around Sunset Hills, the party was at a literal and figurative crossroads. It was decided that Chuck and Shelka would travel with the body of Telinor (and a wagonfull of loot and plunder from the secret temple of Loviatarbeneath Sunset Hills) northwest to Calaunt. Meanwhile, Ahr Kahle, Proximo, and Bjorn Bellringerwould travel west back the way they came all the way to Procampur with Hulker and Alkarg (hidden away in a box).

Chuck and Shelka reached Calaunt and the House of Scarlet Hooks, and there Shelka and the Loviatans made good on Shelka’s vow and raised Telinor from the dead. Shelka told the Talons she planned to do no more adventuring, but would be founding her own temple in Tsurlagol in the near future. Telinor and Chuck stayed a few nights at the Redfire Inn in Caluant while Telinor regained some strength.

Chuck and Telinor sailed to Ravens Bluff to relax, regroup, and wait for a planned rendezvous with Ahr Kahle. However they were greeted at Chuck’s door by a courier bearing a letter from Ahr Kahle that suggested his group was held up outside of Procampur due to the great attention, and possible acclaim, the fantastic automaton Hulker had caused by being noticed throughout the countryside.

Chuck and Telinor decided to quickly and quietly slip out of town to Procampur ahead of a delegation of Ravens Bluff dignitaries. They secured quick passage on a ship at the Silver Lily in Ol’Town, while cautiously sharing slivers of news with Lady Nadeaux, who connected the Talons and a ship captain Abraham of the Century Osprey. Chuck, channeling Eyack the half-orc from the first night of the campaign, tried to discuss blowjobs with the cool but obviously-offended Lady Nadeaux.

They entered Procampur, got a room ant the Silent Sword Inn in the Port District, and decided that Telinor would lay low and try to conceal his presence and renewed life. Chuck went out to the Talons camp outside the city, and after a merry ruse of threatening the large camp of soldiers and priests, was greeted by Ahr-Kale and the Talons. They told Chuck that Hulker had been too obvious and difficult to conceal, and that it was noticed and marveled at from the first town they entered deep in The Vast. By the time they reached Procampur, word had hit the city and they were stopped by a large contingent of Procampian soldiers and priests from Bjorn’s temple. It was decided that, if Hulker couldn’t be hidden, then it and the Talons should enter Procampur in triumph. The Boccobians ensured Bjorn’s promise that they would take possession and safe care of not only Hulker, but the orc-spear Alkarg. The attention on Hulker would help conceal Alkarg’s entry into the city, and the Boccobians would seal it in their temple forever.

The Talons reluctantly agreed, and a triumphal parade was planned for the following morning…

Tears for Twilight Hollow

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons help an old companion destroy a rival, and in so doing avenge a paladin, face an old nemesis, and save a town of innocents from a horrible fate — but all at a cost none could have foreseen…

  • The 19th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Shelka re-joined the party for this adventure as an NPC.
  • This long and challenging module unfortunately led to the death of 6 PCs. Telinor, Mack, and Caid all died from a powerful glyph of warding set off by Mack in the bowels of Tempest Tower. Travellor was killed in battle with Skriku the green hag in the swamp of Tempest Tower Valley. Milo Toscobble was killed by a combination of Sherman Danglethumb’s blows and a potion-fueled breath of fire from Bjorn Bellringer. Finally, Dumont was killed by a bearded devil he was fighting with Bjorn Bellringer.

Played by: JSW, GG, JW, ES
PCs: Telinor, Ahr Kahle, Chuck , Dumont, Mack, Caid, Shelka, Travellor, Milo Toscobble, Bjorn Bellringer, Proximo

Named Sunset Hills in our campaign, this remote village is dominated by a temple to Ilmater.

90 tempest tower valley   smal but numbered
Tempest Tower, a great temple dedicated to Talos the Destroyer, now lays in ruins in this swampy valley.

The Talons were attacked by a shambling mound shortly after entering Tempest Tower Valley

Giant centipede by ben wootten   small
A giant centipede emerged from the skull of the shattered colossus of Talos

Will o wisp
Will-o-wisps haunted the party in the valley, and attacked when the Talons entered the ruins of Tempest Tower.

The unholy symbol of Talos, found prominently in the ruins of Tempest Tower, portended doom.

Head of talos   annotated by cartographer

Swamp witch
Skriku the green hag terrorized the party throughout their time in Tempest Tower Valley.

Sherman1   small
Sherman Danglethumb, the infamous dwarven bandit of The Vast, had a hideout in the catacombs beneath Sunset Hills.

Db knob small
Biting doorknobs were just one of the wicked features of the secret underground temple of Loviatar

Cover   small
A nightmare of an undead creature guarded the secret temple of Loviatar underneath Sunset Hills

Shelka summoned this primeval monster from her primitive magical necklace to do battle with the undead guardian.

This devil from Hell attacked the rear of the party, and slew Dumont with its wicked magical glaive.

Priestess 2 large
The party took revenge out on the head priestess of the secret temple of Loviatar when they finally penetrated her hardened lair.

Gelatinous green cube
A gelatinous cube was among the weird monsters encountered by the party while clearing out the dungeons beneath Sunset Hills.


One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons learn that some old enemies have long memories and strong motives for vengeance…

While camping deep in The Vast, the party is ambushed by the witch Lavinia and her half-orc sons, apparently intent on retrieving a spellbook acquired by the party on a previous adventure. The Talons slew the lot of them, including their pet owlbear.

  • The 18th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.

Gibbering mouther

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons earn another town’s favor by slaying a bizarre beast in the caves…

Played by: JSW, GG, SB, ES, BF
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Caid, Mack, Dumont, and Shelka

The aberration was ultimately slain by the monk Caid, who received some sort of special power upon its death.

  • The 17th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign
Cloaked in Fear

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons spread their reputation throughout The Vast by ridding a town of a horrifying cemetery-dweller…

Played by: JSW, GG, SB, ES, BF
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Caid, Mack, Dumont, and Shelka

  • The 16th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.

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