The Bloodstone Lands

At the Spottle Parlor

The whims of the spottle toad is part of a good game of spottle.
One Sentence Summary: Wherein a invitation to share a fun game with the famous Bradbert Niss leads to a violent night to forget…

  • The 9th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Ahr Kahle, and Chuck.
  • Took place during the second ride of Nightall (second week of December, on Earth), shortly befroe the Feast of the Moon and the cold days of winter.
  • Party went camping east of town, near the Fire River, to relieve the monotony of studying and training for the previous month.
  • Invited to a game of spottle by the dwarf Bufred on behalf of Bradbert Niss, whose home was nearby in the side of a mountain.
  • Other invited spottle players that evening included Vansin, a cleric of Torm, Gergy, a chubby teenager, and Shkad, a lizardman warrior.
  • The evening got off poorly when Skhad began threatening Chuck during the game. A 40-year sentence would be given the DM for expecting the PCs to take threats from the NPC lizardman with some humor when the party had already twice been attacked by lizardmen in their young career.
  • Later Gergy would turn into a wearboar, and some hobgoblins would show up apparently under the impression that the spottle players were to become their slaves.
  • After a session that never found its intended humor degenerated into much anger and frustration, Bradbert Niss gifted a magical two-handed sword on the party if they would leave peaceably. The party did do, Chuck was given the sword, and the night is best forgotten.
Travel back to Ravens Bluff

The party, now laden with treasure from the moor-tomb of Dalvan Meir, headed west from Tavilar toward the coastal town of Ylraphon. Without horses, beasts, and with little to no trial to follow, they kept a very low profile so as not to attract the attention of orcs in the mountains, monsters from the Flooded Forest, or other dangers.

The party safely reached Ylraphon and found it a quiet coastal town with a small port on the Dragon Reach. The party stayed for four days while recovering and waiting for a ship to Calaunt. The ship arrived and the party bought passage for a onbe-day journey to Calaunt. As you docked, the Teeth of Calaunt imposed an immediate 10% tax on all your wealth. Much wealth was missed by the Teeth, but the party imposed a 40-year sentence on the DM for the foolishness of bringing such negativity from the real world into the game, merely for a bit of realism.

Angered by the tax, the party bought steeds and left for Ravens Bluff via the Hlintar Ride almost immediately. You have a safe journey southward all the way to Ravens Bluff, hearing interesting rumors along the way, and enjoying beautiful late-fall weather.

Once settled back in Ravens Bluff, the party did some business:

  • Treasure was divided.
  • Shelka left the group, suggesting she would be using her time and money to train with her mistress and enjoy the fruits of their treasure.
  • Chuck buys a house in the Pumpside neighborhood of Ravens Bluff.
Moor-Tomb Map

A strange obelisk in the Flooded Forest was key to finding the tomb of Dalvan Meir.

One Sentence Summary: Wherein treachery and dissension magnified the mysteries and horrors encountered in looting a dead wizard’s tomb…

Travel there
The party took Blaern’s Trail from Calaunt northeast to Thindilar. On the Trail the party encountered a scouting party of orcs. Ahr Kahle and Lif slew three of them, and the party moved quickly to avoid the larger group of orcs camping nearby.

From Thindilar, the party traveled north and safely crossed the River Vesper at Viperstongue Ford. The party continued north on the well-traveled Cross Road, successfully taking the pass through the Troll Mountains until you reached the small town of Blanaer. From there, the party took a trail west to Tavilar, where the adventure began.

Into the Moor
The party hired Harvey and Wynne, two hunters and wilderness guides, to lead them into the Flooded Forest. The two men, with their two war dogs, led the party down a rutted and winding path into the moor. As the party was crossing a long rickety bridge over a river, they were ambushed by 4 lizard men, and the guides themselves! Shelka single-handedly slew Harvey, and the rest of the party killed the villains to the man.

The party continued forward down the path. Many miles into the moor the party discovered an old log cabin, which the party used as a base. After camping, the party went north, per their treasure map. On their trip they encountered two large man-eating plants that exuded an intoxicating aroma, and later a pair of ghouls. These monsters were dispatched with no loss to the party.

Lif traveled back to Tavilar but the rest of the party pushed on. They were rewarded when they found a strange 50’ tall stone obelisk, which gave the party the clue they needed to find the tomb they sought.

The Tomb of Dalvan Meir

The party cleverly surviving traps and solving riddles as they went, the party penetrated the tomb of the wizard Dalvan Meir. The party almost met their end when a stone guardian guarded the door forward by throwing people into a pool of acid. This challenge was overcome, but not before the tension and the clashing personalities and ethos of Shelka and Ahr Kahle nearly brought them to blows. Blundaar became incapacitated, unable to go further.

Finally penetrating to the crypt, the remaining party was surprised by a ghast who claimed it was Dalvan. It paralyzed Shelka, drew her into its hiding place, and began to eat her alive. Quick work by Telinor, Chuck, and Ahr Kahle let them get to the ghast, destroy it, and save Shelka before it was too late.

The party, with Shelka still unconscious from her wounds, emerged from the tomb with a horde of treasure, but soon found their last challenge would be the toughest. A group of 8 human bandits awaited them. Telinor, Chuck, and Ahr Kahle battled for their lives. Chuck going down from battling the numerous foes, but not before dispatching three of them. Ahr Kahle stepped up with the fight of his life, dispatching 4 bandits single-handedly before helping Telinor finish off the bandit leader.

The battle over, only the elves Telinor and Ahr Kahle left standing, the players heaved a sigh of relief. Chuck, Shelka, and Blundaar would be healed, and they would leave the moor with the first rich treasure of their careers.

  • The 8th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • A ghast surprised the party in the crypt, and quickly paralyzed Shelka.
  • Bandits were waiting for the party to emerge from the deadly tomb with treasure.
A Wrastle with Bertrum

Wrastlewith bertrum
One Sentence Summary: Wherein a trip through Calaunt finds the party knee deep in seedy bars, dwarven bandits, and an ill-tempered troll wrestler…

  • The 7th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Ahr Kahle, Chuck, and Blundaar.
  • This adventure took place at the Rattlesnake Inn, in Calaunt.
  • Party’s first run-in with the dwarf bandit Sherman Danglethumb.
  • Blundaar showed his incredible bravery and poor judgment by volunteering to wrastle Bertrum. He survived for three rounds before all chaos broke loose,
  • A group of halflings disguised as Sherman’s Dwarven Bandits tried to rob the place of the 2,000 g.p. prize offered to anyone who could beat Bertrum in wrastlin’. The real Sherman’s Bandits were present in peasant disguise, and a brawl quickly broke out. A magical horn was blown, throwing many patrons into uncontrollable, superhuman jumping. Sherman escaped with the gold, after he faced down Telinor in the side streets outside the Inn.

Wrastlewith bertrum1

Through the Night

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the adventurers decide discretion is the better part of valor at the death scene of a roadside inn…

  • 6th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Adventure played by Telinor, Shelka, Ahr Kahle, and Chuck.
  • Party traveled the road north from Ravens Bluff with intention of finding treasure in the Flooded Forest. Party went to a roadside inn, The Smiling Spirit, when they were beset by a thunderstorm. The party quickly decided not to stay after finding a dead boy, garlic and crude holy symbols everywhere, and no other inhabitants.
Plundering Poppof


One Sentence Summary: Wherein the new mercenary adventurers Telinor and Shelka enlisted the aid of Chuck and Ahr Kahle to retrieve a stolen book from a mage’s Torchtown home for a discrete employer…

  • The 5th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Debut adventure for Chuck and Ahr Kahle.
  • Mission was to break into an absent wizard’s home and retrieve a stolen magic book.
  • Telinor and Shelka recruited Chuck and Ahr Kahle to help at a tavern known for adventurers seeking work.
  • The house is located on Sylgarth Street in the Torchtown neighborhood of the Uptown District of Ravens Bluff.
  • Memorably, the first act of Chuck was to take a dump in the middle of an alley while the rest of the party was casing the house for entry.
  • Party successfully broke into house, fought off skeletal guardians, and recovered the stolen book, along with the wizard’s spellbook The Profusion of Poppof.
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

Wherein the watchmen went to investigate hauntings on the shoreline of the weakened barony and found danger all too common and real…

  • The 4th adventure of the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, and Muad-Dib. Accompanied at various times by NPC guardsman Dlomar, Ko-Tor, Devin, Fellen, Kelson, and Melendrach.
  • The City recruited your group, for its outstanding service, to investigate strange goings-on at Lady Piann’s barony. To perform the service, however, the City required you to resign from official watch status to become freelance mercenaries. After placing a large amount of gold in front of you, you accepted and began your investigation of the area. You first learned that a contingent of Ravens Bluff city watchmen were guarding and rebuilding the baron’s keep. Baroness Piann seemed grateful for their help, and greeted your group as friends. You later swore an oath of secrecy concerning the presence of Ravens Bluff watchmen there.
  • Party’s mission was to explore a ‘haunted house’ on coastline of barony, which once belonged to an alchemist.
  • Party ended up fighting large centipedes, rot grubs, skeletons, human smugglers, gnolls, and an illusionist.
  • Telinor, Muad-Dib, and an NPC guardsman were exposed to deadly poisonous yellow mold spores found on a cloak in an upstairs bedroom. Shelka was able to appeal to her clerical mistress to help save their lives, but at the cost of 5 newly-discovered vials of liquid and a magical scroll. Shelka also said that the priestess would require a service in the future before the debt was paid. Muad-Dib hypnotized Shelka, and later told Telinor that he had learned that the priestess’s mane was Agrippina, and that the deity she and Shelka revered was Loviatar, a goddess of pain and suffering.
  • The party ended up finding out that the house was being used by smugglers, and killed their illusionist leader Sanbalet. The party recovered contraband of brandy and silk, and several books to include the spellbook of Sanbalet.
  • The party later tried to completely smash the smuggling ring with a frontal assault on a warship the smugglers were using, but were repelled and barely escaped with their lives.
  • Despite some measure of success against the smugglers, and a heroic track-record with the City Watch, the city counsel angrily removed you from the mission and forbade you to venture further on the Baronesses property
Caravan Duty & Pakilliar

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the newest members of the Ravens Bluff City Watch confronted a horrifying monster stopping caravan traffic north of the city…

  • 3rd adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, and NPC city guardsman Rondard, Rilten, Dlomar, and Kilur.
  • Beginning of Uktar (November), just before first winter snows.
  • Shelkascored an important critical hit with her whip, preventing the monster from ascending to the ceiling with a party-member victim.
  • As a reward for outstanding service, the caravan master gave Telinor a treasure map that eventually led to the adventure The Moor-Tomb Map.
Lizard Raid!

Wherein the newest members of the City Watch of Ravens Bluff were dispatched to an outlying barony to avenge a massacre at the hands of marauding lizard men…

  • 2nd adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, along with NPC city guardsmen Fellen, Darron, Quadel, and Browden.
  • Met Lady Piann, wife of Baron Cromm who lost her husband and only son to lizard men attackers.
  • Met Redeye, lizard man shaman of the Red Feather Clan.
  • Party got a magical amulet from the body of the leader of the Blue Feather Clan of lizard men, given to Shelka.
  • Barony near swampland to the west and south of Ravens Bluff, north of the Earthfast Mountains.
  • Near end of Marpenoth (October].


Lizard men

Nightwatch in the Living City

Wherein Telinor the elf and 4 strangers bonded while serving as members of the Nightwatch during a particularly eventful (and fateful) evening in the Veil-shrouded Harbor District of Ravens Bluff

  • 1st adventure of The Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • All characters started at 0-level.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, and the PCs of Wade (Eyack) and Keith.
  • Met Anna, a seven-year old girl who was causing trouble with a wand of polymorphing stolen from her wizard uncle Verdaste Saardan.
  • Helped Gov Landrum, owner of the Red Sail Tavern, in Crow’s Nest, by chasing off hooligans pushing protection racket.
  • Met Lady Nadeaux, proprietress of the Silver Lily, in Ol’town. Wade’s PC, full of bravado, spat chewing tobacco juice on her carpet (twice) when questioning her. Telinor endeavored to apologize afterwards.
  • Broke up a rat-killing gambling contest at the Salty Dog, in Ol’town.

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