The Bloodstone Lands

Caravan Duty & Pakilliar

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the newest members of the Ravens Bluff City Watch confronted a horrifying monster stopping caravan traffic north of the city…

  • 3rd adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, and NPC city guardsman Rondard, Rilten, Dlomar, and Kilur.
  • Beginning of Uktar (November), just before first winter snows.
  • Shelkascored an important critical hit with her whip, preventing the monster from ascending to the ceiling with a party-member victim.
  • As a reward for outstanding service, the caravan master gave Telinor a treasure map that eventually led to the adventure The Moor-Tomb Map.
Lizard Raid!

Wherein the newest members of the City Watch of Ravens Bluff were dispatched to an outlying barony to avenge a massacre at the hands of marauding lizard men…

  • 2nd adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, along with NPC city guardsmen Fellen, Darron, Quadel, and Browden.
  • Met Lady Piann, wife of Baron Cromm who lost her husband and only son to lizard men attackers.
  • Met Redeye, lizard man shaman of the Red Feather Clan.
  • Party got a magical amulet from the body of the leader of the Blue Feather Clan of lizard men, given to Shelka.
  • Barony near swampland to the west and south of Ravens Bluff, north of the Earthfast Mountains.
  • Near end of Marpenoth (October].


Lizard men

Nightwatch in the Living City

Wherein Telinor the elf and 4 strangers bonded while serving as members of the Nightwatch during a particularly eventful (and fateful) evening in the Veil-shrouded Harbor District of Ravens Bluff

  • 1st adventure of The Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • All characters started at 0-level.
  • Played by Telinor, Shelka, Muad-Dib, and the PCs of Wade (Eyack) and Keith.
  • Met Anna, a seven-year old girl who was causing trouble with a wand of polymorphing stolen from her wizard uncle Verdaste Saardan.
  • Helped Gov Landrum, owner of the Red Sail Tavern, in Crow’s Nest, by chasing off hooligans pushing protection racket.
  • Met Lady Nadeaux, proprietress of the Silver Lily, in Ol’town. Wade’s PC, full of bravado, spat chewing tobacco juice on her carpet (twice) when questioning her. Telinor endeavored to apologize afterwards.
  • Broke up a rat-killing gambling contest at the Salty Dog, in Ol’town.

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