Dagger of Feather Falling

A beautiful dagger easily-identified as being of elven make. The silver handle is covered with engraved feathers seemingly laying at random.

weapon (melee)

+2 enhancement bonus; acts as a Ring of Feather Falling when drawn and held in hand.

  • Dexterity check to draw dagger if PC unexpectedly falls while not holding dagger
  • * fall must be over 20 feet to draw
  • * on any failed check, can recheck every 20 feet falling at cumulative +1 on check for every 20 feet fallen.

Ex. a PC is pushed off roof of a 70-ft.-tall building. Dagger is handy in sheath but not being held.

  • PC can make Dex check after 20 ft. of fall to try to draw dagger; if fails, can try again at 40 ft. of fall at +1; if fails, can try again at 60 ft. of fall at +2.

Status: Callindra, identified.
History: Found laying in the corner of the ‘trophy’ room in Jawarl Avignon, the weapon was disguised by an illusion that made it appear as no more than a brick of stone. Only the touch of an elf (Callindra) could dispel the illusion and reveal the item for what it truly was. The illusion was obviously cast by an elf of Jawarl Avignon desperate to keep the item out of the hands of the advancing orcish horde. Callindra knows this tactic has been used many times in elven history.

Dagger of Feather Falling

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