Sirrus Melandor

The Chief Prelate of the Clerical Circle of Ravens Bluff, also a high priest of Tyr


Sirrus Melandor is a male human who is the Chief Prelate of the Clerical Circle of Ravens Bluff. He is also the highest priest of Tyr in the city. He stands 5’11" tall and weighs 155 pounds. He has salt-and-pepper hair, icy blue eyes, and is extremely good looking and charismatic. He is usually seen dressed in temple vestments which are decorated with the symbols of his office, and carrying a staff. He has a powerful voice that commands attention.


The Chief Prelate is the head of the Clerical Circle for Ravens Bluff. The circle consists of one representative from each of the city’s civic temples, and its tasks are to maintain a harmonious relationship among the civic temples and to work together for the common good of the city. The Chief Prelate presides over all meetings of the circle and appoints all committees of the circle.

  • He met the party at the end of The Gauntlet, in the bowels of Alderweg Keep, where a private meeting was held between various city leaders and the party.

Sirrus Melandor

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