Shelka, a cleric of Loviatar, was an original party member played by L.


An impressive mix of strength, physical and mental toughness, perceptiveness, and personality, Shelka is an original party member who returned as an NPC to adventure with the party in the Tears for Twilight Hollow adventure.

Shelka is an unabashed follower of Loviatar. She is a tough and willing melee combatant who often summons a magical whip of flame as her weapon of choice. Early in her adventuring career, she received a primitive but powerful magical amulet that allows her to summon and control a savage dinosaur.


You were born and raised in a fine home in the town of Filur (File-URR), located in the country of Impiltur (IM-pill-tur). Your father was the town’s finest athlete and leatherworker, whose product was sold by merchants locally and abroad. Your mother was a respected educator who spread literacy amongst the simple people as well as the rich. You grew up leading a very comfortable (if somewhat sheltered) life. As a young woman from a good family, you were expected to marry well immediately. But you were too strong and adventurous, and found the whole lifestyle a bore.
You had seen the local church of Ilmater, the Weeping God, produce clerics who worked amazing feats of power. However, you found their dogma of selflessness foolish and weak. Your wisdom of the world and awareness of the higher Powers led you to the conclusion that you would make your way in this world as a priestess. Service to the gods makes sense to the wise, who appreciate the superiority of gods over men and know that the gods reward those who serve them well. Those who rely on magic and swords for their power can never achieve what the weakest godling has many times over.
Since you desired neither marriage nor service to Ilmater, you journeyed for the distant city of Ravens Bluff to experience the exciting life in a big city far from home and find your destiny. You joined the City Guard as a way to find adventure and to earn money to keep from returning to your old life and imminent betrothal to an unworthy man.

  • Shelka and Ahr Kahle clearly do not like each other, and have nearly come to blows more than once.


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