Muad-Dib was an original party member, played by Bob, who became an illusionist.


Muad-Dib was a nimble, tough, smart human illusionist who came up through the ranks of the Nightwatch of Ravens Bluff to become a founding party member of the campaign. He left town shortly after the adventure Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, and has not been heard from since.


History: You were born and raised in _____________________, a peaceful, quiet, and sparsely populated Dale in the eastern portion of the Dalelands. What you remember of your father is that he was a great man: brilliant and strong, he had a tremendous amount of magical skill, and spent nearly all of his time in his laboratory. When he wasn’t in the lab he would go on great travels and bring home an odd gift or toy that would be unlike anything that could be found in sleepy ____dale. Your mother, a quiet and gentle woman, raised you and taught you language and how to take care of yourself.
One day, when you were only eight, your Uncle ___________ came to your home and told you and your mother that your father would never return. Uncle _______ told you that your father wanted you to learn his art, and that he would help you do this. He then disappeared. For years you waited and became too much for your meek mother to handle. You would disappear into the woods for days, wishing to be alone.
One day Uncle __________ returned to get you. Eagerly you went with him to the city of Ravens Bluff. He told you to seek out _____________. After getting a position with the city guard (it seems Uncle ________ left you with not a coin in hand), you eventually learned how to find _______________. Upon contact, __________ knew who you were and said that he would teach you the craft of your father. _____________ was not a nice person. He was cold and short and didn’t even seem to know your father, but he also taught you the craft of illusions and magic. You studied hard and well . . . you had little choice. _____________ was a stern and hard man, who demanded all of your off-duty time. One day, after showing him the latest spell you had finally learned, he announced that his obligation to you was through. He told you that, for better or worse, you were now an illusionist (substitute class-title), and that he would see you no more. With that, he handed you your large vellum spellbook and you departed.


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