male human cleric of Selune, played by ES, now dead


A human cleric devoted to Selune, he joined the adventuring party which would achieve notoriety as the Talons of the Raven. He fought and adventured with joy and mirth.

In the end, his joy and mirth left him, and he died from a powerful glyph of warding of lightning while recklessly tearing open coffins of ancient priests of Talos in the ruins of Tempest Tower, in a swamp near Sunset Hills. This was during the adventure Tears for Twilight Hollow.

He is buried in a small clearing in the woods near Sunset Hills.


Mack was born in Procampur and grew up there to the exclusion of other places. As a member of the Diamond Legion, he had to do town patrols in addition to time as a sailor, which was his first love.


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