Male human fighter, played by BF, now dead


Quick, strong, charismatic and wise, Dumont was a human fighter whose only weakness was a lingering cough left over from a debilitating childhood sickness. He specialized in spring attacks that allowed him to strike and move away. He enjoyed the woods.

5’10" 150lbs muscular but not beefy; pretty normal brown hair (a little straggly) but kept out of the eyes with a leather headband as well as the beginnings of a moustache and beard… trying to grow anyways. manner of dress… bright shiny new banded mail! hardly used……..a composite long bow… very worn in, and a bastard sword in an over the back sheath are readily apparent as weaponry. Muted forest colors are the color of the clothing… deep green travelling cloak with thick coarse tunic and pants with supple hand made leather soft boots. Handmade leather belt and pouches around the waist.

He joined the adventuring party that would achieve notoriety as the Talons of the Raven.

Dumont died by the diabolic glaive of a bearded devil in the adventure Tears for Twilight Hollow. The battle occurred in the bowels of the hidden temple to Loviatar. He was buried next to fellow party members in a small clearing in the woods near Sunset Hills, in The Vast.


Dumont has a weak Constitution resulting from a childhood sickness that left me with a lingering cough. He doesn’t like to be hit a lot because he might have a coughing fit so he developed an aptitude for avoiding that at a young age.

Background is from a rural setting in The Vast as a son of a hunter/herder outside of a larger city. His father was a Tanner as well as a sheep herder and manufactured goods for market. Dumont was sent into town to barter for other goods and thus was exposed to society and people and thusly helped hone his interpersonal skills as relating to people and their reactions as well as giving good common sense. And the rural life gave Dumont good physical attributes aside from the sickness that took his mother while he was young too. Once his father passed away, Dumont turned his back on the lonely farm where both parents lived their life and gave their life and vowed to see a little bit of this world before finding a wife and trying his own hand at leatherworking and raising a herd of his own. After selling off the farm and the rest of his goods, Dumont had enough to purchase some goods to make his way in the world he has never really seen but heard many a tale, some good, some bad.


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