Male human fighter played by GG


Chuck is a mighty fighter with intimidating strength. But he has a gentle manner, an even patience, and is quick with a laugh. In battle he wields an enchanted greatsword that he received from the retired halfling adventurer Bradbert Niss as an incentive to leave his home and stop causing trouble with his beloved game of spottle.


Chuck’s first action after joining the party was to take a dump in an alley while his new companions cased a wizard’s home. He has grown up alot since then, and has been a stalwart member of the party since the 5th adventure in the campaign.

Chuck came up through the City Guard of Ravens Bluff, where he was a undisciplined guardsman, but a well-liked companion of his fellows. He learned how to fight well and then left the Guard to find a life of adventure. He became acquainted with the elf Ahr Kahle in the taverns of the city, and the two of them then joined up with Telinor and Shelka when they came in seeking adventurers. They have adventured together ever since, forming an adventuring company dubbed the Talons of the Raven.

  • Bought a 4-bedroom manor in the Pumpside neighborhood of Ravens Bluff for 550 g.p.
  • He pays Content Not Found: emma 30 s.p. per month to keep the place up.


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