Callindra is a gold elf cleric of Corellon Larethian who once adventured with the party


Calllindra, Keryn Suoress (holy warrior), is a wise and charming Feywarden (cleric) of Corellon Larethian. She is a young female Gold Elf, with long strawberry-blonde hair, light golden skin. She wears elven-made chainmail with a shield, wields a longsword and longbow, and always wears a fine royal blue cloak.

She traveled with the party to the ruins of Jawarl Avignon in the adventure Citadel by the Sea. She received a blessing of Correllon, along with the rest of the party, at the end of that adventure. As treasure from the ruins, she took a beautiful elven-made dagger with feathers haphazardly engraved on the silver handle.


Callindra is a gold elf from the forests of Cormanthor. Callindra is also a member of the Fellowship of the Forgotten Flower, a loose order of Corellon worshipers who strive to recover and catalogue lost elven artifacts.


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