Ahr Kahle

Male elven fighter/magic-user, played by JW


Graceful and quick, strong and learned, eldritch and intimidating, Ahr-Kale is an Fighter/Magic-User who has been with the party since the 5th adventure of the campaign. He often casts magic missile spells at his foes before wading into melee, and his abilities, armor and magical protections make him a very difficult opponent to strike.

Quite tall for an elf, Ahr Kahle stands 5’ 10” and weighs 160 pounds. Ahr Kale is a gold elf giving his skin an enchanted golden hue. His hair is long, curving over the edge of his shoulders in gentle waves. His eyes are an emerald green shot through with glints of silver. His most notable trait however is his striking voice; the sonorous tones give an almost musical quality to his speech.


Ahr-Kahle is from the Grey Forest in the eastern part of The Vast.

He met Chuck in the taverns of Ravens Bluff when both were looking for opportunities to adventure. They came across Telinor and Shelka at one of these taverns, and these two were looking for adventurers to join them on a mission to recover a stolen and evil magical book from a wizard’s home in the city. They have adventured together ever since, now as the adventuring company the Talons of the Raven.

  • Ahr-Kahle does not like or trust Shelka, and has let her know that in no uncertain terms.
  • Ahr-Kahle has vowed to destroy Alkarg as his top priority. Uncertain as to how to destroy such a powerful item, and wary of the attention it attracts, he personally supervised the secret internment of Alkarg at the House of Mysteries Revealed in Procampur, and is vaguely satisfied that Alkarg is unlikely to menace his people in the foreseeable future.
  • Ahr-Kahle wears the Sentinel Ring, the only remnant of the weird intelligent magical glove which destroyed its evil counterpart the Gauntlet. He was wearing the Sentinel glove when he entered melee against a monstrous two-headed troll who was wearing the Gauntlet. The two magic items destroyed each other and the troll.

Ahr Kahle

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