The Bloodstone Lands

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the adventurers explore the land of Berghof to stop a murderer, destroy goblinoids, join with new companions, recover a sentient sentinel, and learn of an imminent danger threatening the entire region…

  • The 13th adventure of the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Callindra re-joined the party for this adventure.

This lovely lake-side fixer-upper was completely cleared of monsters top to bottom, and now likely sits abandoned and unclaimed.
After defeating this crazed monstrosity that laired in the courtyard of the lake-side villa, the party used its strong, sharp antler tips to create a special spear, the Stantler.
This bloodthirsty giant weasel, and its half-orc master, hit Chuck and the party hard before finally succumbing.
These little little blueish goblinoids proved no match for the strong adventurers and their battle-crazed cleric Mack.



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