The Bloodstone Lands

The Next Beginning

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons emerged from the depths of The Vast, split the party to return to civilization, raised a founder from the dead, and grappled with unexpected fame….

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr Kahle, Proximo, Bjorn Bellringer, Shelka

After the trials and tribulations of the adventures in and around Sunset Hills, the party was at a literal and figurative crossroads. It was decided that Chuck and Shelka would travel with the body of Telinor (and a wagonfull of loot and plunder from the secret temple of Loviatarbeneath Sunset Hills) northwest to Calaunt. Meanwhile, Ahr Kahle, Proximo, and Bjorn Bellringerwould travel west back the way they came all the way to Procampur with Hulker and Alkarg (hidden away in a box).

Chuck and Shelka reached Calaunt and the House of Scarlet Hooks, and there Shelka and the Loviatans made good on Shelka’s vow and raised Telinor from the dead. Shelka told the Talons she planned to do no more adventuring, but would be founding her own temple in Tsurlagol in the near future. Telinor and Chuck stayed a few nights at the Redfire Inn in Caluant while Telinor regained some strength.

Chuck and Telinor sailed to Ravens Bluff to relax, regroup, and wait for a planned rendezvous with Ahr Kahle. However they were greeted at Chuck’s door by a courier bearing a letter from Ahr Kahle that suggested his group was held up outside of Procampur due to the great attention, and possible acclaim, the fantastic automaton Hulker had caused by being noticed throughout the countryside.

Chuck and Telinor decided to quickly and quietly slip out of town to Procampur ahead of a delegation of Ravens Bluff dignitaries. They secured quick passage on a ship at the Silver Lily in Ol’Town, while cautiously sharing slivers of news with Lady Nadeaux, who connected the Talons and a ship captain Abraham of the Century Osprey. Chuck, channeling Eyack the half-orc from the first night of the campaign, tried to discuss blowjobs with the cool but obviously-offended Lady Nadeaux.

They entered Procampur, got a room ant the Silent Sword Inn in the Port District, and decided that Telinor would lay low and try to conceal his presence and renewed life. Chuck went out to the Talons camp outside the city, and after a merry ruse of threatening the large camp of soldiers and priests, was greeted by Ahr-Kale and the Talons. They told Chuck that Hulker had been too obvious and difficult to conceal, and that it was noticed and marveled at from the first town they entered deep in The Vast. By the time they reached Procampur, word had hit the city and they were stopped by a large contingent of Procampian soldiers and priests from Bjorn’s temple. It was decided that, if Hulker couldn’t be hidden, then it and the Talons should enter Procampur in triumph. The Boccobians ensured Bjorn’s promise that they would take possession and safe care of not only Hulker, but the orc-spear Alkarg. The attention on Hulker would help conceal Alkarg’s entry into the city, and the Boccobians would seal it in their temple forever.

The Talons reluctantly agreed, and a triumphal parade was planned for the following morning…



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