The Bloodstone Lands

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons help an old companion destroy a rival, and in so doing avenge a paladin, face an old nemesis, and save a town of innocents from a horrible fate — but all at a cost none could have foreseen…

  • The 19th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Shelka re-joined the party for this adventure as an NPC.
  • This long and challenging module unfortunately led to the death of 6 PCs. Telinor, Mack, and Caid all died from a powerful glyph of warding set off by Mack in the bowels of Tempest Tower. Travellor was killed in battle with Skriku the green hag in the swamp of Tempest Tower Valley. Milo Toscobble was killed by a combination of Sherman Danglethumb’s blows and a potion-fueled breath of fire from Bjorn Bellringer. Finally, Dumont was killed by a bearded devil he was fighting with Bjorn Bellringer.

Played by: JSW, GG, JW, ES
PCs: Telinor, Ahr Kahle, Chuck , Dumont, Mack, Caid, Shelka, Travellor, Milo Toscobble, Bjorn Bellringer, Proximo

Named Sunset Hills in our campaign, this remote village is dominated by a temple to Ilmater.

90 tempest tower valley   smal but numbered
Tempest Tower, a great temple dedicated to Talos the Destroyer, now lays in ruins in this swampy valley.

The Talons were attacked by a shambling mound shortly after entering Tempest Tower Valley

Giant centipede by ben wootten   small
A giant centipede emerged from the skull of the shattered colossus of Talos

Will o wisp
Will-o-wisps haunted the party in the valley, and attacked when the Talons entered the ruins of Tempest Tower.

The unholy symbol of Talos, found prominently in the ruins of Tempest Tower, portended doom.

Head of talos   annotated by cartographer

Swamp witch
Skriku the green hag terrorized the party throughout their time in Tempest Tower Valley.

Sherman1   small
Sherman Danglethumb, the infamous dwarven bandit of The Vast, had a hideout in the catacombs beneath Sunset Hills.

Db knob small
Biting doorknobs were just one of the wicked features of the secret underground temple of Loviatar

Cover   small
A nightmare of an undead creature guarded the secret temple of Loviatar underneath Sunset Hills

Shelka summoned this primeval monster from her primitive magical necklace to do battle with the undead guardian.

This devil from Hell attacked the rear of the party, and slew Dumont with its wicked magical glaive.

Priestess 2 large
The party took revenge out on the head priestess of the secret temple of Loviatar when they finally penetrated her hardened lair.

Gelatinous green cube
A gelatinous cube was among the weird monsters encountered by the party while clearing out the dungeons beneath Sunset Hills.



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