The Bloodstone Lands

Lyrabar, Capital of Impiltur

One Sentence Summary: After difficult passage through the Earthfast Mountains, the Talons descend into Impiltur and Lyrabar, its shining capital city, to rest and meet their contact.

Played by: JSW, GG
Party: Chuck, Telinor, Kamar, Malik, Granger, Ricen, and Edgar

  • Edgar recommends the Hidden Bounty Inn as a good place to stay. You are able to occupy multiple rooms (up to 4), and you have room to stow your chests and belongings for the time being. The bear, however, may be an issue. It not only attracts attention wherever it goes, it cannot be kept in the stable with the horses and pack animals (they are afraid of it and complain loudly). The bear, while very friendly toward Kamar and at worst ambivalent toward the rest of the Talons, is still very much a wild animal.
  • There is a lovely, well-maintained shrine to Selune in the city
  • Edgar helps reconnect you with Caladur, the emmissary from impiltur who you met in Procampur leading up to this journey. Caladur appears glad that you have arrived, and says he will arrange an audience between you and at least one member of the Lords of Imphras. Maybe more. Perhaps even Queen Sambryl herself will meet you. He will let you know within a day or two.
  • Treasure – Telinor and Kamar appraise all items and the values given below are their opinions. Any Identify spells cast require a 100 g.p. pearl and a d20 roll. If you need to buy some, you can buy as many as you like in Lyrabar.

TREASURE (Feast & Fight – Tel & Chuck only):
(1) 2 trunks with precious metal bars and ore, worth 1,000 g.p. total; 6 very high-quality cut deep-green spinels (250 g.p./each);
(2) several recovered pages from Niemallion’s destroyed spellbook that comprise_ water breathing_ (3rd), remove curse (4th); and teleport (5th);
(3) intact lab containers of a variety of spell components, including rare ones; (400-1,000 g.p.?)
(4) Main-gauche of Count Felipe Mercado;
(5) six interesting-looking books from the office/library of Niemallion Bryn

  • Ten Greatest Warlords in History;
  • Great Wyrms of the Empyrean Age;
  • The Sentience of Narfellian Weaponry;
  • Journal of Niemallion (Volume XVIII)
  • The Men, Mystics and Mages of Narfell
  • The Great Weapons of the Age

To the right buyer (a sage with interests in these areas), each book (except the journal) would probably value b/w 50-150 g.p. – alot for nonmagical books.

TREASURE (Honor Lost, Regained – whole party + Edgar)
Karinza’s treasure hoard: large wooded chest (no trap or lock) with
(1) velvet bag with 680 cp, 407 sp, 278 gp);
(2) vial of thick brown liquid (detected as magic)
(3) vial of clear, syrupy liquid (detected as magic)
(4) 10 pieces of small-sized, nonprecious jewelry (worth 10 g.p. per piece);
(5) small felt bag with 5 gems: 1 golden yellow topaz (500 g.p.); 3 deep blue spinels (smallish) (250 g.p. each); 1 smoky quartz (50 g.p.);
(6) quill, 4 sheets of good paper, and a vial of good ink (12 g.p. for lot)
(7) Spellbook: ’Karinza’s Reader’ a small black leather volume, its pages are made from the dried, stretched skins of the drider’s victims: (0) arcane mark, detect magic, endure elements, mending (1st) hold portal, obscuring mist_, read magic_, shield (2nd) web; (3rd) clairvoyance
(8) silver band with feather pattern all around its edge (detected as magic)

On Karinza’s foul body:
(9) scroll: polymorph (7th level of ability); minor globe of invulunerability (7th level ability)
(10) wicked-looking short sword of elven make; (detected as magic)
(11) 12 wicked-looking arrows of elven make (detected as magic)
(12) Composite Long Bow (sells for100 g.p.)

TREASURE: (Boulder Dash (whole party + Edgar)

  • unicorn statue of rose quartz, worth 1,000 g.p., 20" tall, 10 lbs.
  • complete pieces of enchanted plate mail, a professional armorer can put back together in 5 days, and can fit for size, for 200 g.p. (detected as magic)
  • dwarven gold comb in a dwarven scalp – Ricen recognizes it as the comb of a clan-fellow who disappeared awhile ago, worth 30 g.p.
  • pottery urn adorned with patterns of gold and silver (2’ tall, weighs 50 g.p. empty)(worth 350 g.p.)
  • 10 g.p. scattered on floor
  • ornate, large, brass key of dwarven make (? value)
  • adolescent cave bear
  • 3 chests, wooden with iron hinges and built-in locks, 2×2×1, 50 lbs. each when empty; Chest #1 has trap of a liquid vial, disarmed with key; Chest #2 has poison needle trap, also disarmed with key; Chest #3 has crushing apparatus trap in interior, gas vial was undetectable from outside and crushed
  • In chests were 4,625 c.p., 3,878 g.p., 4 metallic reddish leaf-shaped plates (hard as metal, shiny light gray on one side, red on other side, uniform) (?? worth – 75 for set?); and a golden, gem-inlaid chalice worth 250 gp.



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