The Bloodstone Lands

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the adventurers explored the ruins of an ancient orc fortress, fought the battle very nearly their last, and found themselves carrying an unwelcome burden…

Summary of Adventure:

  • In Ravens Bluff, a crier was posting fliers and crying, “Here ye! Here ye! Employment opportunity for adventurers with the city! Interested parties report to Ravendark Castle at noon today!” The fliers simply say: “The Lord Mayor and Council of Ravens Bluff does hereby announce it is hiring experienced adventures for a short mission. Must be able to depart the city by noon tomorrow. Hiring at Ravendark Castle, noon today. 1,000 galleons per person. This First Day of the Third Ride of Nightal, 1356 DR.”
  • Once there, the party met Lord Chancellor Arvin Kathos, who announced the mission: “The city is needs to hire a group of adventurers for what should prove to be a very simple mission. It seems there is some sort of trouble going on up in Ylraphon. The folks there have apparently evacuated the town, and they drove this gentleman out with them. (he gestures to an old man who walked out with him. He is wearing a brown robe with a pushed-back hood, a white beard, and a bald head.). This is ”/characters/larduck" class=“wiki-content-link”>Larduck. Larduck was leading an archaeological expedition near Ylraphon when the town got wind that some sort of curse or plague had erupted from the ruins Larduck’s crew was excavating. Well, the people there are mighty superstitious about the ruins nearby, and when this rumor hit the town, they apparently all evacuated and forced Larduck to leave with them. Larduck was in town, not at the ruins, when the news hit town, so he doesn’t believe the rumor, and understandably wants to get back to see if his people are okay."

“As the Drawing Down becomes Deepwinter, the roads and waterways to ”/wikis/ylraphon" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ylraphon may soon be impassible for months. The first snows could come any day now. That’s why we need to get some people up there fast to try to help this archaeological expedition, if they need it, and to get the people of Ylraphon back in their homes where they belong."

“Of course ”/wikis/calaunt" class=“wiki-page-link”>Calaunt won’t help, so that basically leaves us. Larduck came here asking for help and the council has voted to give it to him. Your mission is simply to accompany Larduck back to his excavation site, help protect he and his crew if they need it, and make sure the area is safe so that hopefully the citizens can get back to their homes while they still can."



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