The Bloodstone Lands

The whims of the spottle toad is part of a good game of spottle.
One Sentence Summary: Wherein a invitation to share a fun game with the famous Bradbert Niss leads to a violent night to forget…

  • The 9th adventure in the Bloodstone Lands campaign.
  • Played by Telinor, Ahr Kahle, and Chuck.
  • Took place during the second ride of Nightall (second week of December, on Earth), shortly befroe the Feast of the Moon and the cold days of winter.
  • Party went camping east of town, near the Fire River, to relieve the monotony of studying and training for the previous month.
  • Invited to a game of spottle by the dwarf Bufred on behalf of Bradbert Niss, whose home was nearby in the side of a mountain.
  • Other invited spottle players that evening included Vansin, a cleric of Torm, Gergy, a chubby teenager, and Shkad, a lizardman warrior.
  • The evening got off poorly when Skhad began threatening Chuck during the game. A 40-year sentence would be given the DM for expecting the PCs to take threats from the NPC lizardman with some humor when the party had already twice been attacked by lizardmen in their young career.
  • Later Gergy would turn into a wearboar, and some hobgoblins would show up apparently under the impression that the spottle players were to become their slaves.
  • After a session that never found its intended humor degenerated into much anger and frustration, Bradbert Niss gifted a magical two-handed sword on the party if they would leave peaceably. The party did do, Chuck was given the sword, and the night is best forgotten.



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