The Bloodstone Lands

One Sentence Summary: Wherein the Talons were guests of honor at a royal Procampurian feast one week, and saving young maidens the next from a boorish suitor and a demonic visitor….

Played by: JSW, GG
PCs: Telinor, Chuck, Ahr-Kale, Proximo, Bjorn

  • A feast was held in the honor of the Talons of the Raven at the Palace of the Thurtyl in Procampur. The fare was Carrot, Mushroom and Onion Soup, Honey Bread, Salted Salmon, Soft Mushroom Cheese, Halfling Hazlenut Ale, and Sliced Peaches.
  • The following dignitaries attended the feast: The Thurtyl of Procampur, Rendath of the Royal Blood (early 30’s, copper-hued hair), His consort, The Hamyarch Alamondh, (60’s, gray hair, beard), the High Priest of the Hall of Mysteries Revealed, Undil Latheen, Torstan Ulzimmer, fleet owner, his consort, Hecatron, General of the Diamond Fist, Ellovar Vandaruk, noble. From Ravens Bluff came Lord Mayor Charles O’Kane, Guard General Chiapa, Silverlocke , Knight of the Mystic Flame , Arvin Kathos, chief diplomat. Also joining the Talons were
    Caladur, Impilturian diplomat, and Alaren, Impilturian squire, assistant to Caladur.
  • Following the feast, the Talons received an audience from The Thurtyl Rendath and the Lord Mayor, who told them that they had struck an agreement in principal to form an alliance of the city-states on the Vast to form a new federation to be known as ‘New Empyrea’. The Thurtyl offered the Talons an adventuring charter for Procampur, and the two leaders further offered an adventuring charter from the new still-to-be-formed federation of New Empyrea. The two leaders requested that that Talons accept the charters and, as a first service to the fledgling federation, to accompany Caladur and Alaren back to Impiltur to learn about that land, offer assistance to their leaders, and generally spread goodwill about New Empyrea and the Vast to the leaders and peoples there.
  • The Talons accepted this mission, and spent a few weeks in Procampur recreating Telinor’s spellbook, training their new skills, buying equipment, and recruiting new members to the Talons. Telinor also was able to review Ahr-Kahle’s black and white book regarding the spell_ find familiar_.
  • During this break from adventuring Chuck and Telinor went for a walk in the countryside to get fresh air when they were challenged on the road by Count Felipe Mercado while passing the villa of Niemallon Brinnoia and the Lady Elysia.
  • After a memorable fight with the Count, who cut off Chuck’s trousers with his rapier when his insults failed to goad Chuck to battle, the two were approached by Lady Elysia who told them her elderly father Niemalliion had passed away about 3 weeks ago, but before he died had enspelled the Count to chase away all her suitors.
  • Lady Elysia had a further problem of something loud, unexpected, and unknown being in her basement, which also had served as her father’s laboratory. With no talent for or interest in her father’s magical experiments, she asked the two to check out the basement and make it safe in return for anything of value they find down there.
  • Telinor and Chuck took her offer, and uncovered a trapped demon who tried to pose as a harmless lab assistant to gain his freedom. Its ruse unsuccessful, it tried to fight past the pair to no avail, and Chuck slew it handily.

Count Felipe Mercado’s insults were as sharp as his rapier

This demon was trapped in the basement, unknown to the Lady Elisia



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